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1.1d_39 out

New 1.1c_38 version (aka 'the wolfie fuzz') is out.

New feature:
  • There's a new command 'IRTG' to use in tables

IRTG stands for instrument retrigger and will retrigger the current instrument. It gives table the ability to work as progammable phrases that then can be triggered simply by changing tables.

IRTG --yy: will retrigger the current instrument transposed by yy semi-tones. Note that each IRTG transposition is cumulatively added. So a table with

IRTG 0001

in it will keep going a semi tone up. Great for dubby echoes :)

The retriggered instrument is NOT reset (as if you enter a note with no instrument number). The table (obviously) will continue to run and all running variable (filter,etc) won't be reset

This system is also pretty useful to implement temporary non 4/4 signature without having to switch grooves, since you have the ability to re-trigger the instrument at tick resolution

and don't forget trying to combine it with complex hop structure !

Works both with audio & midi instruments
Bug fixes
  • MIDI on PC: Because MIDI on PC is a bitch to synchronise and that the ONLY system that kind of worked was, surprisingly, the old MMSYSTEM audio system, I've re-enabled it as an option. So, if you need good midi sync or good timing, you will NEED to use this. The latency isn't great but in our case it's not a problem. To enable the old ass audio system, add an entry in the config.xml with
  • <AUDIOAPI value='MMSYSTEM' />

    Then you should enjoy pretty stable midi out


  • PSP doesn't lock anymore when using the exit.
  • Fixed the cloning an empty note bug
  • Now mute states are reset when reloading a project

Enjoy !

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